Castlevania: The Social Retrospective

Feature Share it: Tweet Castlevania: The Social Retrospective Celebrate All Hallows Eve with an off-the-cuff look back at the ultimate vampire-hunting franchise. By: Jeremy Parish October 31, 2012 Like ’60s intellectuals with LSD and college students with anonymous bi-curious sexual encounters, we at 1UP have been experimenting with social media of late. We all know dot-com websites like this one are sluggish dinosaurs struggling to remain alive in an ice age precipitated by smartphones and Facebook, so like everyone else with a shred of common sense, we’re all dickering around with Twitter and wondering if having a high Klout score actually means anything.

Catching Up With Castlevania’s Composer, Pt. 2

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More Obscure Game Re-Releases Could Result From ESRB’s Free Digital Ratings

The Entertainment Software Rating Board faces a difficult task in assigning ratings to digital games, one not about to be made any easier on it by game makers. Setting aside the matter of increasing complexity of these titles, the number of digital releases continues to grow at a strong pace

From Japan: Will Dragon Quest X Fly or Flop?

Feature Share it: Tweet From Japan: Will Dragon Quest X Fly or Flop? Overseas: Making sense of die-hard fans' reaction to the online shift for Japan's most consistently popular RPG. Fame, accolades, respect — having a legacy is all gravy until you fail to live up to it in the public’s eyes, and no series in Japan has a bigger throne to fill than Dragon Quest.