Castlevania: The Social Retrospective

Feature Share it: Tweet Castlevania: The Social Retrospective Celebrate All Hallows Eve with an off-the-cuff look back at the ultimate vampire-hunting franchise. By: Jeremy Parish October 31, 2012 Like ’60s intellectuals with LSD and college students with anonymous bi-curious sexual encounters, we at 1UP have been experimenting with social media of late. We all know dot-com websites like this one are sluggish dinosaurs struggling to remain alive in an ice age precipitated by smartphones and Facebook, so like everyone else with a shred of common sense, we’re all dickering around with Twitter and wondering if having a high Klout score actually means anything.

Catching Up With Castlevania’s Composer, Pt. 2

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Metacritic Presents Real Problems for the Industry

Metacritic is a problem; few will attempt to deny that. Far too often — which is to say, ever — publishers rely on it as something more than a potentially accurate snapshot of a game’s critical reception. Gamers sometimes look to it as either a definitive statement on whether a game is good or bad, or as a means for pointing out how a review is ‘wrong.’ To say Metacritic is outright ruining the industry would, in my opinion, be a stretch, but it clearly is not doing it any good.

Why Zelda Still Rules the Action RPG

Feature Share it: Tweet Why Zelda Still Rules the Action RPG The Legend of Zelda games may not be perfect, but they still define the genre.

What Makes a Game Worth Buying at Launch?

Gaming can be an expensive hobby, particularly if you’re keen on picking up games as they are released. With your typical console game going for $60 at launch and there being no shortage of quality titles to play, those costs can quickly add up, making it difficult to keep up with the latest releases. But there are more factors than merely price which can make gamers hesitant to buy games when they first come out including a perceived lack of value, eventual complete/Game of the Year edition releases, and patches which make games into better experiences for those who opt against rushing out to a midnight launch.

OP-ED: Things Could Be Worse for THQ

THQ is not in the greatest position it’s ever found itself, what with it facing a potential NASDAQ delisting and its lowest stock prices since the mid-90s. Earlier this year there were rumors the publisher had canceled its entire slate of 2014 games, including its MMO Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium Online . This was quickly denied , although the company has laid off a large number of employees since then in an attempt to restructure its business