Notch Wants to Help Tim Schafer Make Psychonauts 2

” Let’s make Psychonauts 2 happen ,” tweeted Minecraft creator Markus Persson (AKA Notch) yesterday to Double Fine CEO, and designer of the original game, Tim Schafer. Notch’s Tweet alone would pique the interest of Double Fine fans.

VOTE! Pick the Greatest Music Ever in 1UP’s Game Music Thunderdome!

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Rampage on its Way to the Big Screen

Just because a game isn’t a super-hot property right now doesn’t mean it can’t be optioned for a movie.

10 Years Later: How GameCube and Xbox Defined The Current Gen

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Microsoft Xbox Turns 10 Years Old Today

It was 10 years ago today that Microsoft entered the videogame console business with the release of the Xbox in North America. The system debuted at $299.99 and its release came more than a year after the PlayStation 2 had already debuted in western markets and three days before the GameCube, which will celebrate its tenth anniversary in North America on Friday

Lara Croft and the Reinvention of Game Heroes

Feature Share it: Tweet Lara Croft and the Reinvention of Game Heroes How Tomb Raider changed games, and why its leading lady still matters 15 years later. By: Jeremy Parish October 22, 2011 A woman sits on a boxy sofa in a hotel. It’s meant to be a classy Calcutta hotel from colonial days, but the decor is very Silicon Valley circa the mid-’90s: Simple polygonal shapes make up the columns and furniture, and harsh lighting breaks the room into clearly demarcated spaces of shadow and light.

Castlevania Chronicles: We’ve Been Killing Dracula for 25 Years

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How to Survive the Fallout Apocalypse

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Psychonauts Rights Revert to Tim Schafer’s Double Fine

Buying a new copy of Psychonauts will now see the proceeds go directly to developer Double Fine. The company’s publishing arrangement with Majesco has expired, according to programmer Anna Kipnis. She revealed the news on Twitter earlier today, although she has since said it wasn’t meant to be treated as an official announcement