PS3 Digital Games Could Be a Gentle Way of Easing Us Into Streaming on PS4

Much like their disc-based counterparts, PlayStation 3 downloadable games won’t be supported on PlayStation 4. What that means is your entire PlayStation Network library is going to have to stay put, and won’t be carried over to the next generation as many people were hoping it would

1UP’s PlayStation 4 Roundtable: Opinions, Analysis, and Community Reactions

Jose Otero: At the PlayStation event, Sony showed some of the best and worst kept secrets in the gaming industry. We all got our first peek at the PlayStation 4’s controller and the rumored social features, like the ability to allow other users to spectate the games you’re currently playing.

Sly Cooper’s Alarmingly Quiet Launch Emphasizes the Need for Change

You might not know it, but Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time was released today.

That Difficult Question: How to Decide Which Platform to Buy a Game For

Those of us fortunate enough to own more than one gaming system are faced with a tricky question anytime a multiplatform game is released: which platform should I buy it for? All other things being equal, there are some factors that make that decision much easier — heavily discounted prices or serious technical issues, like those plaguing the PlayStation 3 version of Skyrim , can help to rule out certain versions. Continuing that example, you’re still left to weigh a list of pros and cons if you own both a PC and Xbox 360.

10 Years Later: How GameCube and Xbox Defined The Current Gen

Feature Share it: Tweet 10 Years Later: How GameCube and Xbox Defined The Current Gen PlayStation 2 may have dominated last generation, but its competitors set the stage for this one. By: Jeremy Parish November 16, 2011 No one would challenge the claim that Sony’s PlayStation 2 was the decisive victor of the sixth generation of consoles, that nebulous post-32/64-bit era that never lent itself to an easily applied label.