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Condition: Used
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Genre: Action
Publisher: Jaleco
Developer: S.A.D.
Release Date: March 1990
Language: English

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Return to the Age of Myths and Magic Demons and Dragons!
Sure you’ve travelled some strange terrain in your video game journeys but wait till you see where Astyanax takes you!
In your pursuit of the evil wizard Blackhorn and his captive Princess Rosebud of Remlia you’ll encounter terrors that would frighten the Gods themselves. The dreaded Thorndog with yhis heart of stone and face of bone. Monstrous Caesar of the Gremlin face and chicken feet. The endless Maze of Castle Terenea. Plus winged dragons and metamorphosing monsters sorcerers’ spells and wicked wizardry in a land that reaches far into the past and the future.
It’s the stuff myths are made of a fantastic flight stretching eons beyond any game you’ve ever experienced. If you’d go to the ends of the Earth for the ultimate adventure Astyanax is your game!

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