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Nobunaga’s Ambition Sphere of Influence [Ascension]

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Genre: Strategy
Publisher: TECMO KOEI Europe
Developer: KOEI
Release Date: 10/28/2016
Language: English
Rating: 12+

Officer Play
A series first! We have added Officer Play where players experience the life of a Warring States officer advancing from retainer to Castle Lord and then on to Daimyõ. Enjoy a variety of play styles. Conquer the land advance in status and position or overthrow your superiors. The choice is yours.
Experience civil development and battles as an officer. Climb the ranks among your people or receive offers to join other clans depending on your contributions. Experience advancing in status and position in the Warring States period.

Garden Politics
Officers are given a domain to rule over according to their station.
Drive back enemies that invade and listen to the people of your domain as you develop it.
In the beginning your domain will be small while your station is low. However by carrying out your Lords orders and gaining honor eventually you will climb the ranks to become lord of the castle putting you in charg

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