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Genre: Action; Shooter
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: Sony Bend
MultiPlayer: Internet
Release Date: 5/4/2004
Language: English
Rating: Mature

Enter an intense world where a deadly global terrorist consortium threatens the human population with an outbreak of the Syphon Filter virus; as Gabe Logan is back to maintain world peace and save mankind in Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain. With outbreaks occurring at an increased rate throughout the world Gabe can’t save the world’s population on his own and relies on his top recruits for his newly reformed agency.

Selected as one of the chosen few to be a trained operative within Gabe Logan’s new Agency gamers will enter a world of intrigue and global espionage battling lethal enemies through 17 thrilling missions that span the globe from Yemen to Toronto. With a deadly arsenal of all-new high tech weaponry and gadgets players can take on commandos solo-style or go online and join up with three other agents for action-packed strategic team-based gameplay. While all 17 missions are available in single-player and online online gameplay offers gamers the opportunity to access more of the worlds through working hand-in-hand with other skilled recruits. Gamers will need all the help they can get as the world’s population once again hangs in the balance. Join Gabe Logan’s new Agency and help him fight the latest threats to world peace as he attempts to rid the world of the Syphon Filter virus forever!

Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain is the next installment of the Syphon Filter storyline. Elsa Weissenger has come to Gabe Logan with evidence that a multinational corporation has been behind the Syphon Filter conspiracy from the beginning. Mara Aramov is connected to this consortium in some way that Gabe does not understand. But here is what Gabe does know: Mara has escaped custody outbreaks of a deadly new mutation of the virus are appearing all over the globe and Chechnyan rebels are selling the virus to other terrorists. The world hovers on the edge of catastrophe as Gabe races against the clock to find Mara destroy the terrorist organizations who plan to use the virus and prevent an attack on Moscow which could trigger the next world war. On top of this the Syphon Filter virus seems to be mutating uncontrollably. If a cure is not found soon it will live up to its name and become the Omega Strain- the end of us all.

  • Become a skilled agent in Gabe Logan’s reformed Agency and help him fight the evolving threats to world peace.
  • Customize your agent’s look uniform and equipment with enhanced character customization features.
  • Explore and battle through 17 massive intense international non-linear worlds with multiple ways to complete each of the deadly missions.
  • Levels are up to three times larger than previous installments in the franchise.
  • Battle terrorists and enemies with 4-player cooperative peer-to-peer online play in all 17 single-player missions with the ability to access more of the levels in a time-based setting.
  • Utilize a Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain – compatible headset for PlayStation 2 (Sold Separately) to communicate with fellow agents online.
  • Using Voice Chat the player can verbally strategize with his/her teammates to or use the D-pad to communicate with teammates.
  • Defeat all-new terrorists and enemies including the most deadly commandos in the world.
  • Take on terrorists with more than 100 unique deadly weapons and gadgets with the ability to shoot dual pistols.
  • Arsenal will improve as you progress through the levels.
  • Combat the enemy with deadly artillery or fight hand-to-hand with a knife. Players can only carry four weapons at a time so strategic play is at a premium.
  • Keep enemies in target while kneeling crouching walking rolling climbing jumping walking strafing throwing and running with the new ability to target lock on individual body parts.
  • Multiple targeting modes provide shooting options for enemies with regular clothing flak jackets or full body armor.
  • Access vanity items such as improved weapons gadgets equipment and uniforms.
  • The highly sophisticated enemy AI reacts to other agents’ actions to hunt explore shoot and kill.

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