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TY 3 [E10]

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Genre: Action; Platformer
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Krome Studios
Release Date: 10/11/2005
Language: English
Rating: Everyone 10+

Players will embark on a series of action packed missions and challenges filled with new and upgraded weapons … including TY’s trademark boomerang collection — and vehicles. Like its predecessors; TY the Tasmanian Tiger3 will feature a unique array of interesting indigenous animals inspired by the Australian Outback. Called to the Dreamtime by the Bunyip Elder; TY must help to rid their world of their sworn enemy; the Quinkan – beings of darkness that exist to suck the joy out of people’s lives. Although successful in his task of getting rid of the Quinkan TY has unwittingly sent them on a collision course with Earth.

Arriving home tired and battle weary TY discovers that the Quinkan have invaded and subjected everyone to their cruel occupation. With Bush Rescue disbanded TY begins the challenging task of reforming his team and leading the fight against their dark oppressors. But time is running out. Soon the Quinkan will unleash the Quinking; supreme ruler of the dark creatures and possessor of almost unlimited power. But there is hope. Legend speaks of a magical boomerang that has the ability to vanquish the foe. Long lost in the mists of time this may be TY’s last chance to save the planet.

  • Bigger and badder enemies including Giant robots Uber Lizards and the fearsome Quinkan Lords themselves will stop at nothing to destroy TY.
  • New customizable rang system allows players to create their own personalized rang types with hundreds of possible rang types. Players now use opals to buy basic rang chassis to which they add collectable Bunyip Stones to power up the rangs with elemental abilities like Fire Ice and Lighting or increase the rang’s speed and distance.
  • Using her sharp mechanical mind TY’s sidekick female heroine Shazza has developed a whole series of special Bunyip upgrades for the Extreme Bunyip and Shadow Bunyip including the Shadow Beam Nucleon Shield and Grav Grenade.
  • Cool new flying vehicle known as the Gunyip allows players the chance to take the battle with the Quinkan to the skies. The Gunyip’s plane mode allows players to fly around the skies of Southern Rivers and take out waves of flying Quinkan in an arcade style mini-game.
  • New and amazing ground-based vehicle the Crabmersible features a powerful combination of bunyip and robocrab technology.
  • Outback Cart Racing Tracks are back… bigger and better! Brand new tracks have been built for multi-player fun and include a host of new powerups.
  • Revised Living Environment Technology System (LETS) creates lavish organic environments to explore and experience.
  • Streaming level technology for large worlds of uninterrupted game play.
  • Realistic cloth simulation technology inverse kinematic procedural character animation radgoll and impressive water tech.

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