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Virtua Quest

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Genre: Fighting
Publisher: Sega of America
Developer: SEGA-AM2
Release Date: 1/18/2005
Language: English
Rating: Teen

The player assumes the identity of a young boy named Sei (pronounced Say). As the player explores each stage; heshe will discover Virtua Souls … data clusters that contain information about the martial arts abilities of the legendary Virtua Fighter characters. These clusters give the player the ability to easily perform complex fighting moves. As the games story progresses; Sei discovers that only he can unlock the potential of the Virtua Souls and he subsequently gains the attention of an evil syndicate known as Judgment 6.

Judgment 6 in a mad bid for power pursues Sei attempting to force upon him its dirty work in hopes of bringing down the infrastructure of a vast virtual world. If it succeeds the arbiters of justice and power in the real world will come crumbling down and anarchy will reign. Seis inner strength is put to the test as he fights to keep this from happening.

  • More than 45 special fighting moves to acquire from Virt

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