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Genre: Action; Fighting
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: Incognito Studios
Release Date: 1/14/2003
Language: English
Rating: Teen

Devastation was everywhere; entire cityscapes lay wasted; cars crushed into scrap; ocean liners pitched through the air like toys. The pulse weapon; once thought to be earth’s greatest triumph; was now its greatest tragedy. The battle with the UFO’s had gone on for months. No one knew where they came from; but the aliens’ mission had been clear; Earth must be conquered! In humanity’s darkest hour; the world’s greatest minds inspired the masses with hope. With the Earth’s nations acting as one they launched an inescapable energy wave that crippled the flying saucers where they hovered. Everyone felt victory was near.

But even as the cheering millions crowded the streets the triumph turned to catastrophe. The glowing fuel from the wrecked alien spacecraft spilled into streams gutters and oceans contaminating the air with toxic vapours. The toxins scoured the Earth like a plague and triggered small almost unseen mutations. Unfortunately the Earth would soon take notice.

Before the week was out they appeared – gigantic mutant monsters. Towering animals lumbered down the city streets crushing everything in their path. The Earth’s very own defences – immense robots – took on lives of their own and became as great a threat as the invaders they were created to battle. The elements tainted by the alien toxin merged with micro-organisms rose from the earth and roamed the land like the prehistoric titans of old.

Once in a constant battle with Earth’s forces they have now turned against themselves. These behemoths are now locked in an eternal struggle. The War of the Monsters has begun…

  • Control a host of the biggest meanest monsters ever to feature in a game including a gigantic angry gorilla a monstrous insect and armoured robots as big as skyscrapers. Fight in nuckle-wrenching multi-monster battles in fully destructible 3D environments bustling with traffic people and military defences. Impale rival monsters with metal pylons use taxicabs to test your throwing aim and swing steel girders to beat your enemy into submission. Pick up your opponent and literally throw him through a skyscraper in the far distance then crash through the debris to continue the battle. Immersive backdrops add to the fantastic classic Hollywood monster movie atmosphere as you battle across unique environments from modern skyscraper covered cities casino towns and volcanoes.
  • Rampage through these surroundings to the sound of an epic soundtrack wailing sirens and screaming pedestrians. Get up close for intense street fighting action with multiple combo attacks to perform or use your long-range attacks including death rays and remants of the crumbling environments which you have destroyed. Master each monster’s ‘rage’ and unleash a special attack strong enough to flatten a 100-foot tall giant. Trigger environmental attacks such as tidal waves and earthquakes to cause even more mayhem.
  • Take your chosen monster through various game modes including one player Adventure Mode where you battle to learn your creature’s origins. Clash with up to three opponents simultaneously for a four-monster battle royal in either Free-for-all or Endurance Modes. Challenge a friend and two CPU-controlled opponents in two-player Free-for-all Elimination and various Minigames. War of the Monsters features an innovative two-player split screen view which dramatically merges for full screen action as the combatants approach one another. Open up hidden monsters costumes arenas and mini-games as you progress to extend the replay value.
  • Fight to become the ultimate power in this clash of the titans as only one monster can emerge victorious in this War of the Monsters.

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